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ICDL standards incorporated into Singapore's National Employability Skills... read more.

eSkills Career Quiz

Starting from 01-Oct-09, all ECDL Core tests are based on Syllabus V5... read more.

eskills Career Quiz

ECDL Core 5.0

ECDL Malta has launched ECDL Core Syllabus V5.0 in Sept-08. Candidates will be able to sit for ECDL Syllabus V4.0 tests until 30-Sep-09. After this date all remaining module tests must be done on Syllabus V5.0... read more.

ECDL Advanced 2.0

The new ECDLA syllabi were launched during the ECDL Foundation Forum in Oct-08. The revised syllabi continue to build on the skill sets covered in the ECDL Core Syllabus V5.0... read more.

Try the eSkills Career Quiz

The ICT sector is one of the most dynamic and exciting industries that you can enter. Many of the ICT skills, or eSkills, that are used in the industry are specialised and used almost exclusively by ICT professionals - for example, software development skills or database design skills. However, all ICT professionals should be competent in a range of end-user skills - for example, spreadsheets and presentations - so that they can perform to their maximum potential.

This interactive quiz links important end-user eSkills with typical job roles in the ICT industry.

  • The first section of the quiz gathers general data about your ICT experience and training - you don't need to provide personal details and all information gathered is completely anonymous
  • The second section of the quiz consists of a set of questions relating to common end-user application skills - for example, word processing or image manipulation
  • The third section of the quiz suggests, based on your responses, some certifications and career paths that may be of interest to you

This quiz will:

  • Highlight some key end-user eSkills areas that are relevant for many careers
  • Start you thinking about the types of skills and certifications that may be relevant for you
  • Suggest possible ICT career paths that you may want to follow

This quiz isn't a formal test - it's simply an interactive way of illustrating some important common eSkills areas and how they relate to various ICT careers.

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