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Insufficient ICT Skills Highlighted as Area of Concern for Progress of the European Commission’s Digital Agenda for Europe

8th October 2012

The annual review of progress towards a smart, sustainable and inclusive EU maximising the potential of ICT has highlighted the lack of ICT skills as an issue... read more. [PDF]

1st European Round Table: Digital Literacy, Skills & e-Inclusion - Delivering the Digital Agenda

20th December 2011

Under the patronage of European Commission Vice-President, Neelie Kroes, ECDL Foundation brought together key actors from the European Commission, the European Parliament, 12 national governments, and other stakeholders to discuss the progress of, and priorities in, delivering the ‘Digital Literacy, Skills and e-Inclusion’ action areas of the Digital Agenda for Europe... read more. [PDF]

European Commission Vice-President Kroes Delivers Keynote Address on the Importance of Digital Skills for Competitiveness and Inclusion

14th October 2011

European Commission (EC) Vice-President and Commissioner for the Digital Agenda for Europe addressed delegates at the ECDL Foundation Forum on the key role that digital skills have to play in driving economic growth, and in reducing the risk of digital exclusion that faces those without the skills to access technology... read more. [PDF]

ICT Skills are Integral to the Aims of the European Year of Active Ageing

13th September 2011

The European Commission has designated 2012 as the ‘European Year of Active Ageing’ in an initiative that intends to enhance the quality of life of people as they age and to ensure their continued participation in the labour force... read more. [PDF]

Digital Agenda Assembly - A Success but Digital Skills & Competences Remain Crucial for Overall Digital Agenda Progress

5th July 2011

The fact that the first Digital Agenda Assembly, 16 - 17 June, was attended by approximately 1,500 delegates, yet 2,500 others who had expressed an interest in attending had to be turned away, is a clear indication of the importance of the Digital Agenda for Europe and of the success of the event itself... read more. [PDF]

Launch of New Syllabi of Web Editing & Image Editing

1st March 2011

ECDL Malta has just launched the new syllabi (V2.0) for ECDL Web Editing and ECDL Image Editing... read more. [PDF]

ICT Skills Training & Certification Programmes Improve Employee Productivity

18th January 2011

ICT skills training and certification programmes substantially improve employee productivity and offer considerable savings to employers and national economies... read more. [PDF]

ICDL Standards Incorporated into Singapore's National Employability Skills Modules

1st December 2010

Aligning the internationally recognised ICT certification is a further step by the Singapore workforce development agency to upskill the workforce and support efforts to raise productivity... read more. [PDF]

ECDL Forum 2010: Experts Meet to Develop Global Digital Literacy Initiatives

26th November 2010

International organisations assemble at the ECDL Foundation Annual Forum to influence international digital literacy policy, and to shape national initiatives around the EU Commission’s Digital Agenda... read more. [PDF]

Raising the Profile of the EU Commission's Digital Agenda for Europe

4th October 2010

ECDL Foundation and ECDL Malta launch a campaign to raise the profile of the EU Commission's Digital Agenda for Europe and commit their support to high-level aims... read more. [PDF]

Mapping of ECDL Certifications with the Malta Qualifications Framework

2nd August 2010

ECDL Malta and the Malta Qualifications Council have agreed that the following two certifications are classified under the eight-level system as detailed in Legal Notice 347/2005 and the level descriptors of the European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning (EQF) and the Malta Qualifications Framework (MQF)... read more. [PDF]

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